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In relation with all the sold products, the buyer can benefit from the maxim "if you are not satisfied we will refund the exact amount upon receipt of the product."
The descriptions and photographies of the products exposed by ÓPTICA GUÍA  in his site they are truthful and accurate and they are based on information supplied by the manufacturer. Every buyer has 10 days to return the product if the item does not correspond with the information provided in the descriptive card, running the customer with transportation expenses to return the product.
The buyer has the possibility to place orders through the web ensuring that he/she is holder of the payment card used for this purpose.
Only people with the juridical necessary aptitude to sign contracts relative to the class of goods and services proposed in this web page they can order to
By clicking on “Buy” during the process of accomplishment of an order, the buyer declares to accept all of these Terms and Conditions, in any case, they may be filed and printed by the purchaser, for its reproduction when deemed necessary.
The information stored by ÓPTICA GUÍA constitute the test of all the transactions realized by the buyer. ÓPTICA GUÍA will confirm to the buyer, within a period of 48 hours (counting only working days), that this order has been registered. Also, once the shipment of the ordered product, optical guide informed by e-mail forwarding. The contractual information will be provided to the purchaser prior to the receipt of the products purchased. Such information may be extracted, stored and reproduced by the buyer in any case, you can correct erroneous data from it by connecting it to
The contractual information is presented in Spanish language.
If ÓPTICA GUÍA should intends to use the e-mail address provided by the purchaser as part of the subscription orders, for sending subsequent commercial communications, he must inform the buyer expressly and request consent. This consent may be revoked by the buyer at any time it sees fit, by simply sending an e-mail to
    • PRICES
The prices of products are indicated with all taxes included, the delivery to destination (only valid in the peninsula, found at the Canarias Islands, Baleares Islands, Ceuta,Melilla and other countries) are free, without charge to the customer.
ÓPTICA GUÍA reserves the right to modify these prices at any time, however, the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of orders (providing that stock stay).
ÓPTICA GUÍA reserves the right to reject any order of a buyer with whom a litigation exists.
In case of unavailability of product once the order and before the end of the submission process of the sale in question, the buyer will be informed by e-mail of the consignment or cancellation of your order. If you have already made the charge into account when giving information on the unavailability of the product, a refund procedure will be performed by the amounts, informing the buyer about it by sending an e-mail.
The initiated above mentioned procedure, ÓPTICA GUÍA it will proceed to the refund the amount satisfied by the buyer in the bank account indicated by this one to this effect in the major possible briefness.
In this respect, ÓPTICA GUÍA it will restore the corresponding quantities in the maximum space of 8 days if the buyer used a card of debit and, before the ending of the corresponding month, if the payment took place by means of credit card. 
The payment of purchases made by the customer through a payment card acepted by PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Bank transfer or deposit.
The amount of purchases will be charged to the account of the buyer, in case of a rejection of the bank occurs, the order will be canceled automatically and the buyer will be informed by sending an e-mail.
    • SECURITY is protected with one of the most reliable security systems available today.
It has not only adopted the encryption protocol, but has also strengthened all the procedures for access to information in order to protect most effectively all personal data of customers.
ÓPTICA GUÍA never has access to confidential information concerning the means of payment. For this reason, the buyer's bank details will be ordered for each new order.
The products are sent, accompanied by the delivery note to the delivery address the buyer has indicated during the process of ordering. All our shipments are notified by e-mail. After issuing the order, ÓPTICA GUÍA will made an invoice with all the information required.
In order to optimize the delivery, we are grateful for the buyer who indicates a direction in which the order could be delivered inside the labor habitual schedule.
The delivery time has fixed from 4 to 12 working days. If there exists a delay caused by major force, ÓPTICA GUÍA will inform the buyer of the above mentioned circumstance.
It corresponds to the addressee to verify the sending at his arrival, to express the observations and to present all the claims that he considers well-taken, can reject even the package, if the latter is capable of having being opened or if it shows clear indications of deterioration.
They must make come the above mentioned observations or claims to the carrier by means of registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in 10 working days following the delivery of the products, with a copy to ÓPTICA GUÍA.
If the products delivered do not conform in kind or quality specifications in the delivery note, the buyer must, under penalty of expiration, formulate their claims in the following delivery seven days.
"if you are not satisfied we will refund the exact amount as we receive the product". You will have a repayment period of 10 days counting from the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer, being the amount deposited in the account of the client of ÓPTICA GUÍA for later making purchases, will not be refunded under any circumstances amount in cash.
Before any return, the buyer must indicate their intention to return a product through our mail, so get your return number. Once the buyer has received your return number, you have to send a package to optical guide with articles in their original packaging, packing slip included with your order and the return number marked on the package.
This right of withdrawal may never be exercised if the items were the subject of a visible long-term use (more than a few minutes). The products should be returned properly protected in their original packaging, in perfect condition for resale (not damaged, broken or dirty) with all accessories and documentation to the address indicated on the mail-back response.
We will not accept packages without elements that identifies the sender (point of order, first name, address). Once the package has been received in the warehouses of ÓPTICA GUÍA and has been verified that the returned products are in perfect condition, the procedure described above is performed.
 ÓPTICA GUÍA acts as representative of professional suppliers, it guarantees that the products that they present to the sale in the web page, present neither faults, nor secret vices that could make them dangerous or inadequate for a normal use, the contractual offered guarantee is the one that habitually grants the supplier. The guarantee will not be applicable to the apparent vices and the faults of conformity of the product, for those that any claim will have to be formulated for the buyer in question in 10 days following the delivery.